Good Choices VS Bad Choices Posters

Omegaman Good VS Bad Choices Poster Featured

As always, I love working with Marc of Omegaman and Friends!

What his team of super-heroes is doing to promote positive character development and end bullying is amazing.

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Omegaman & Friends Good Vs Bad Choice Posters

For this project, hallway posters needed to be created to be displayed in schools to reinforce the assembly message.

We went with a Good VS Bad Choices theme and used a diagonal split layout to convey the opposing choices.

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Some of the key highlights are using the color blue that signifies trust and loyalty for the “Good” side, and the use of a ray background pattern to emphasize the message radiating outward.

For the “Bad” side, red was used to signify anger and aggression while in place of the rays, a contrasting downward spiral was used to convey the message that bad choices will drag you down.