Lesa Crisp

When Josh Makar was managing our website, we were consistently in the top level positions on google search for our industry. Sales generated from the website contributed a large portion of our overall success. He managed our social media and it attracted several large accounts.

Josh managed all of our ad design including updating our logo. He was responsible for all business card designs, company correspondence and packaging materials. He designed a versatile and extensive product catalog that could be adapted for both wholesale and retail customers. He was also instrumental in reaching vertical market customers with internet advertising campaigns.

Our company was ranked in the top 500 in our industry catalog for the last three years that Josh worked for us. Josh was professional when communicating with customers. He was very respected by everyone in our company. He was punctual and dedicated to his job. He was also dedicated to completing every project in a timely manner and he was very detail oriented.

Josh could work with no supervision. He was highly motivated. I could not recommend Josh highly enough. He will be an asset to any company he chooses to work for and he will take any business to the next level of success.