Marriage Proposal T-Shirt Design

Marriage proposal design featuring the words Will You Marry Me?
Marriage proposal design featuring the portraits of a couple in a heart configuration.

This marriage proposal t-shirt design I completed for a customer features a portrait of the couple in a heart configuration and wrapped with a ribbon to indicate everlasting love.

The unedited photograph was supplied by the customer. I removed the background and then tapered the couple at the bottom to form the basic structure of the heart. Then I added a red heart in the background and drew a decorative ribbon wrapping around the couple. The overall design looked nice as-is but a little flat, so I added some hard shadows in order to achieve a layered look.

The text featuring “Will You Marry Me?” was based off of another t-shirt design that the customer really liked. The block font is Anton with a modified question mark and the font Blackjack for the handwritten “I love you” below.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this design and I wish them a happy everlasting marriage!

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