Stumbled Across the Portfolio Feature

I was browsing through some settings and I happened to come across the WordPress portfolio feature. This feature which seems to be disabled by default is located under Settings > Writing and is labeled “Portfolio Projects.”

Enabling this feature allows you to create a portfolio separate from the standard blog posts, tag them, and assign types such as photography, web design, logo design, etc.

Additionally, you can display the portfolio projects on a separate page in a grid type fashion.

Added FontAwesome Icon Set

I’ve added the FontAwesome icon set to my TwentyFourteen-Child WordPress theme. The icon set link was added to the the header section within header.php.

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

Used the Rebel Alliance icon as a test to insure installation was successful.

While researching the proper method for adding header links into a WordPress theme, I found that some people are trimming the FontAwesome icon set down in order to decrease load times. Will have to research further and find out if this is a beneficial modification or an unnecessary tweak.

FontAwesome 15ms load time.
Load time results for FontAwesome via

Learning the WordPress Structure.

Since the creation of my WordPress account, I’ve began to understand the structure and inner workings of this powerful content management system. I’ve learned the basic functions such as posting and creating categories, creating and modifying new pages, and adjusting the GUI based settings of installed themes. Additionally I’ve learned how to install themes via the theme browser and manual installation.

I successfully installed the FoundationPress theme which is based off of the popular responsive theme Foundation. I’ve since reverted back to the TwentyFourteen theme until I have a better understanding of modifying themes.

I will need to continue my research in order to develop a greater understanding of the WordPress theme stylesheets, template files, and optional functions and how they interact with one another.

Obtaining a stronger understanding of PHP will greatly help with future development.