Good Choices VS Bad Choices Posters

As always, I love working with Marc of Omegaman and Friends!

What his team of super-heroes is doing to promote positive character development and end bullying is amazing.

Be sure to checkout Omegaman & Friends!

Omegaman & Friends Good Vs Bad Choice Posters

For this project, hallway posters needed to be created to be displayed in schools to reinforce the assembly message.

We went with a Good VS Bad Choices theme and used a diagonal split layout to convey the opposing choices.

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Some of the key highlights are using the color blue that signifies trust and loyalty for the “Good” side, and the use of a ray background pattern to emphasize the message radiating outward.

For the “Bad” side, red was used to signify anger and aggression while in place of the rays, a contrasting downward spiral was used to convey the message that bad choices will drag you down.

Custom Quarterly Flier Designs

This is a sampling of some of the many quarterly fliers I’ve designed for the company Image Depot Express.

Nearly every aspect of these fliers required all custom created content, from superimposing designs on to products, creating captivating covers, creating custom scenes such as office wall murals, creating product photos, and to custom writing content.

Quarterly specials flier design brochure
Autumn flier design tri-fold brochure
Spring brochure tri-fold flier
Tri fold flier summer brochure
Tri-fold Winter Brochure Catalog

Omegaman HERO Revolution Christmas Banner

Omegaman and Friends HERO revolution Christmas banner

Omegaman & Friends is a wonderful organization that promotes anti-bullying awareness and features the hero Omegaman and other superhero friends. They travel around educating schools and other organizations about the dangers of bullying and teach positive habits early in life.

This year for the 34th Annual Lakeland Christmas parade, Mark AKA Omegaman had asked for me to design a Christmas banner promoting the HERO Revolution for their float. This design features “The HERO Revolution” logo modified to resemble a Christmas tree ornament. The fonts used are large for easy readability and colored with a Christmas theme of red and green. The background is a subtle pattern of snowflakes which doesn’t distract from the overall design but gives the banner a full complete look. Finally, I modified a stock image of Santa & his sleigh so that Santa would have his very own superhero cape.

The HERO Revolution
Omegaman & Friends
34th Annual Lakeland Christmas Parade

Catalog Layout for Image Depot Express

With a Soft Touch coating and a clean sleek layout, the design goal of this catalog was to instill in the customer a sense of quality and professionalism.

Red Image Depot Express catalog front photo.
Front photo of the Image Depot Express Catalog

The table of contents section begins with a large assortment of stock designs in order to help get the customer’s ideas flowing. This is used as a tool to assist the customer with envisioning their design on many different products. On the far right sits the table of contents unobtrusively but easily found.

The contents sections of the catalog along with multiple t-shirt designs.
The contents section of the Image Depot Express Catalog.

This photo shows an example of the product layout. The three products per page layout in this example was used in order to maintain consistency and ease of reading.

Photo of some apparel products in the Image Depot Express catalog.
Product layout for the Image Depot Express catalog.

The stands for the retractable and flag banners on these two pages were custom designed to scale in illustrator to reinforce a consistent look. The design in the retractable banners serves a duel purpose. It depicts the single banner use and additionally shows the impact of using multiple retractable banners together for greater impact.

Example layout with 4 retractable banners on the left page, and 4 flag banners on the right page.
Layout for retractable banners and flag banners.

The back cover is a continuation of the front cover. It contains the slogan and social media icons all in a foil imprint.

Back catalog cover with Customize Your Life!
The back cover of the Image Depot Express catalog.